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Etown Participated in the 27th Shanghai Hotelex

Shanghai in March

Flowers were blooming in refreshing Spring

The 27th Shanghai Hotelex arrived in time

Etown took its great sincerity to join the exhibition

To display its charm to visitors from all corners of the country


As a professional tableware supplier for over two decades

Etown had always been committed to the mission

‘Create the quality life with the art of tableware’

To offer a complete solution on tableware for high-end hotels and tasteful families


The BRICS Line Took Its First Pose in Exhibition


As the exclusive official glassware supplier of 2017 BRICS Summit

Etown made BRICS line glassware exposed in Shanghai Hotelex as its first show

As the official products of 2017 BRICS Summit

DUENDE crystal glass glittered under the lights in the exhibition

The elegant shapes as well as quality of BRICS level caught the eyes of visitors



Classic Be Continuous


Etown classic products released the glamour in the exhibition

DUENDE representative porcelain lines: Blessed Blossom, Gua and Water Drops

Adhere to the design concept ‘Chinese Element and Global Thinking’

Such lines are very popular among the hotel clients

Because of design by the master, rich culture and excellent quality


Innovation never stops


Except the classic products always keep high level

Etown never stops innovating

And has dedicated to create classic products by innovation

The new products exhibited this time were highly appreciated by visitors


Gold painting and polishing technique are skillfully applied

To make DUENDE Kalos lead crystal glass more attractive and special

The unique flambé-glazed technology is applied

To display the imagery of the gradually varied and haunting nobile NEBULA line

So the cold porcelain looks softer and warmer


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