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Etown Organized Activity for Ladies鈥?Day
    Etown Administration Dept. joined a hand with Company Union to well organize the activity for ladies. In the afternoon on 10th Mar., ladies went to Jinbang Park for fun.
    Unlike blooming flowers of various colors in warm spring as usual, that day it’s chill in the air and drizzling. The dead woods returned to life and sprouted again. It turned out to be much greener in the rain for the park. Ladies climbed the mountain with the opening umbrellas on their hands. Along the whole road, the female staff enjoyed the beauty and burst into laughter. Obviously their happiness was not affected by the mizzle. Ladies stopped for a rest at the recreation area in the middle of the mountain. Ladies relaxed themselves and got rid of the tense work. Some made a tea, some played the cards and some chatted gaily. The wife of the chairman also involved in the outdoor activity and delivered the best wishes to ladies on behalf of Etown on the well-prepared dinner.
    The outdoor activity held in working day showed the care of the company for female staff. It not only helped ladies to relax themselves but also helped them to communicate with other departments.

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