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2015 Etown Brainstorm Meeting
    This year Etown brainstorm Meeting was hold in Anxi Elite Spring Villas from 20th to 22th Jan. The past meetings focused on discussing internal management. This year we focus to discuss the self-branding marketing strategic and E-commerce topic for this meeting.
    As previous years, all the members were divided into three groups and leaded by three group leaders. Firstly, all members attended the training, later discussed the 2 topics of this years and reported work in a group in these three days. It’s worth mentioning that when preparing slides for each topic, all members racked their wits, expressed views freely and diligently worked even forgetting to eat and sleep. What motivated them to do was just to bring forward any piece valuable advice. At the end of the meeting, Chairman Steven Xu delivered gratitude to all members for their great efforts and wisdom. And thanks for all to attending this brainstorm meeting.
    2015 Brainstorm Meeting was not only helpful for stimulating members’ thinking and enhancing communication between them, but also quite meaningful for the innovative management of Etown. It’s  also a great milestone for Etown’s future strategic.
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