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2015 Etown Annual Dinner Party Held Successfully
    Every year, the Etown China annual conference offers a great chance for everyone at Etown to get together and view the past year also plan for future of the company. Last Friday on 31st Dec. 2015 this years’ conference was held at Fortune Hotel Xiamen.
    2015 was a harvest year, we all have been like a cool and kind of teenager going through laughter, worries, depression, struggle and insist, mix with the bitter sweet, little by little, all have the benefit of our company with endless valuable experience! To this end, the theme of the annual conference was "Etown China Dream sailing ".
    At the beginning of the party, the host starts an opening speech. Then all managers of each departments of Etown show their presentations. Summary report of managers in the most detailed and summed up the past year the company's achievements and shortcomings, to express the most sincere voice, deepening sense of belonging and sense of honors. In the end, the chairman of Etown gave his speech, he have drawn the outline of the future of Etown and launch footprint of struggle for the coming years.
    After the meeting, all colleagues came together to have the dinner. Chairman Xu was on behalf of the company to the diligent staff said the highest affirmation and appreciation. He wished all the best to everyone.
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